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Photos of Fusion Sushi 313



  Photos of my sister Janet’s amazing peach tree. I can’t wait to try out some new summer recipes!   Chace in front of his mom’s peach tree.

The Big Popper


The Big Popper was inspired by the appetizer jalapeño popper: Herb cream cheese and sharp cheddar, “blended” with grilled jalapeños, poured onto bread, then smothered in beer batter and deep fried. It’s then topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of blueberry syrup for dipping. OMG!! The Big Popper from the Melt Bar […]

   Written by ChefMBJ    (posted w/ permission)       I love hamburgers. I think they are one of the great culinary treasures of the World. I think like most people, their first burger was a McDonalds hamburger or cheeseburger. I know for me, despite the evolution of my palete, I still enjoy a McDonald’s […]

 by Jo Stougaard      Eggs Baked in Wontons



I have to talk about my dinner tonight. I might be bragging and I might just be writing it down so the wine doesn’t make me forget. I love to sample restaurants. I love to sample restaurants that serve yum delicious food that seem too extreme for home. Some restaurant food can be so fancy […]