Dessert – Mastering the Chocolate Chip Cookie


Sizzle!Alton Brown’s Puffy Chocolate Chip Cookie by Sizzle

I’ve mentioned on my blog that I am on a quest to find the best chocolate chip recipe. EVER! I have a long history of ruining this cookie. I can bake cakes, muffins, and any other kind of cookie from scratch but it is the chocolate chip cookie that is my nemesis. My post lamenting my inability to bake a good chocolate chip cookie yielded me countless recipes and techniques. Two things I corrected: adjusted the oven temperature (mine runs hot) and buy baking powder that did not expire a couple of years ago (ack!).

Last night I tried the Alton Brown Puffy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. (Click the link for the recipe.)

I was skeptical. Cake flour AND butter-flavored Crisco? Hmmm, ok. If you say so, Alton Brown. So I blended the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and put the mixture in the fridge for a bit of chillin’.

I love cookie batter. Honestly, I could eat the batter and never bake the cookies but this batter? Um, no. It was very. . .Crisco-y which left a bit of a film on my tongue. Unpleasant! I was worried this would make the cookies icky but I worried for nothing. Always trust a geek.

They turned out perfect. I cooked them for about 12 minutes and then let the sit out to cool on the sheet before I transferred them to the cooling rack. They are the perfect color and moist- almost flaky- and buttery. I took a bite and OH MY GOODNESS- totally delicious. I am anxious to try the “chewy” recipe Alton Brown has. I really want to bake a perfect chewy cookie. I would have last night but the recipe calls for bread flour. I don’t know about you but I don’t have bread flour readily available in my kitchen.

I’ll let you know how the next one turns out.

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