The Key To Red Meat


“The Key to Red Meat” is now here

7 Responses to “The Key To Red Meat”

  1. 1 Janet

    Oh Jo…this article brought back a flood of memories!!

    I love how life does “360”s…my own children love “Spam…red meat”!
    We only have it while camping in our RV, usually at the desert. It is so funny how all the other children in the group congregate to our place to enjoy crispy, fried Spam strips!

    I do have a confession though, I have sworn off red meat for over 27 years…but Spam still brings joy to my own kids ( Jo’s niece and nephews)!

    Love you JO!!!


  2. 2 JT

    I secretly love SPAM. My mom would mix it with mac n cheese and canned green beans when we were camping. Sodium overload! And my college roomate made the BEST teriyaki spam and rice. Dig it!

  3. ok ok, I admit it. I like Spam. It too reminds me of my childhood. I have been known to sit there and just eat a can – as a snack. So frustrating when the key breaks though!

  4. Janet,
    What a neat memory! Some of my favorite childhood memories involve Hormel chili in a can! Long live canned meat!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sorry JO,
    I meant to write Jo and wrote Janet instead! I’m going to blame it on the canned meat in my childhood!

  6. 6 pinstripebindi

    Amen! I love Spam and am completely unashamed to admit it. My mother would have died before having it in her house, so it isn’t connected to any childhood memories for me. But I love Spam musubi for lunch (bento is a hobby of mine) and teriyaki Spam and pineapple chunk skewers with sticky rice for dinner. But not more than a few times a year, because sweet lord it’s high in sodium.

  7. It’s funny no one really wants to admit that they love spam. But, it has been around for a very long time and many of us have grown up with spam. Great recipe!

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