Ludo Bites


I know I owe everyone (including myself) a real blog post and I promise to get one soon. Things have been busy and all has been well, but I realize that I need to keep blogging a priority because it is an extension of keeping myself a priority. I love documenting my life (especially since I can barely remember this morning) and I love feeling connected to my friends.

That said… in a spontaneous moment, my friend Jo shared with me her excitement over a dinner reservation she had last night. Chef Ludo Lefebvre has smartly begun (and brilliantly executed if you ask me) a new dining experience he’s calling LudoBites. The idea is to take one of the many LA restaurants that are only open for breakfast and lunch and open it for dinner under his menu and leadership. Think of it like an art installation at a gallery, where an artist takes up the wall space for a month or two, only in this case, the artist is a chef and you get to eat the art!

After stopping by his website and poking around, it was easy to become excited as Jo’s passion for food and fun is exciting and contagious. Within minutes, I had a reservation for myself and The Mister a half an hour after Jo’s. An hour later, Jo called and said she got us at her table and my heart smiled knowing we were in for a night of revelry.

I am not sure what it is, but chefs get me excited. I think it has to do with their work ethic and how hard they have to work to make a name for themselves. Ambition and hard work turns me on. I have no problem admitting that. So you can imagine happy I was with Chef Ludo. Every bite of food was better than the one before. The butter that came with the bread was described more as icing. The creamy polenta with oxtail and black truffle was worthy of a competition with Heidi’s. Check out Jo’s website for a complete review of the food as I would never do it justice.

It was hands down one of my favorite meals and I am thankful that Jo, Peter, Charles and Robert let us tag along! Oftentimes living in a big city, we take for granted some of the food and restaurants we have, but last night, I knew I experienced something special and today I am counting my blessings as well as the minutes on the treadmill.

No, I know!

THE best couple to dine with.

New friends Robert and Charles

Some cute guy we found roaming the streets.

He refused to look at the camera, but he's back there preparing minboggling things for us!

Seared Foie Gras

Seared Foie Gras

Jo with Ludo's beautiful and sweet wife Kristine. You know how when you meet someone you can just tell they're good people? She definitely has that vibe and is stunning to boot!

For Jo, he reenacted the photo below. Try as she may, he kept his shirt on!


Happiness is a FABULOUS dining experience.


Check it out for yourself in the Los Angeles area. Divine.

To read more from the evening (including a complete review of the food we ate), and to be informed by one of the coolest foodies you could know, visit

Charles’ also has a food blog at

And of course, to see what all of the hubbub is about, be sure and check out Chef Ludo’s website:

You can also follow him on Twitter and see where his next restaurant adventures take him:

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