About Us

FoodWhores Share the Obsession

Jo Stougaard aka MyLastBite  http://www.MyLastBite.com

Bob Merrick aka Baub http://planetbaub.com

Food Whores do not discriminate between fine establishments and dirty little dives…

Ever dream about Pink’s Hot Dogs?
Drool at just the thought of Salumi’s Guanciale?
Wonder how to get your tomatoes to grow more full?
Fantasize about licking Eric Ripert?

Then make yourself comfy… You’re home.
You are a Food Whore.

We are two people who love food. Plain and simple.

It’s not just about eating, it’s about the experience,
it’s about the process, it’s about the endless flavor combinations.

We wanted to have a place where we could document our love of food
as well as share it with our friends and anyone else who
believes that food is not just meant to be a fuel,
but savored and appreciated bite after delicious bite.



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