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Christmas Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year. It’s a night to bring family and friends around a table to enjoy good food, festive libations and fun games. This year, I stayed in town and invited myself over to the Cubaks. Nearly ten years ago, they welcomed me into their family and […]

…it may as well be one of the best ever… A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sara and I headed to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and on a whim, I picked up a crate of figs. I used to love them when I was little. My brain is warped, but I recall that it […]

“The Key to Red Meat” is now here

Because his recipes always turn out great for me! Here is the SUPER EASY recipe       Cheers! Jo

 by Jo Stougaard      Eggs Baked in Wontons

  Creamy Goodness         by MyLastBite   recipe here