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Next Wednesday


  By Kindal Cubak My Aunt Jo comes over every Wednesday to cook for our family. She is a gourmet cook and likes to try new recipes for us. My favorite is her steak, twice bombed potatoes and garlic cake! She makes the most juicy, tender, moist steak in the world. It has the most incredible […]

  By Jo Stougaard      “The Paris I Never Knew” is on    

“The Key to Red Meat” is now here



I have to talk about my dinner tonight. I might be bragging and I might just be writing it down so the wine doesn’t make me forget. I love to sample restaurants. I love to sample restaurants that serve yum delicious food that seem too extreme for home. Some restaurant food can be so fancy […]

Birthday Traditions – by Bob Merrick With annual holidays and events, come traditions. Traditions that are reminders of something good, of home, of comforts that are honored moments of your past. My friend Sizzle has a steep tradition of Grandma Cake (a recipe she’ll soon share), a dessert that her family’s birthdays can not happen […]

Not Your Mama’s Meatballs – by Bob Merrick About four years ago, I was watching Rocco Di Spirito make his mom’s meatballs on a talk show. They looked delicious and I couldn’t wait to try them. Around that same time, my aunt and uncle took me to New York for my birthday and the theater […]